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Malta’s National AI Strategy

The MDIA is presently engaged in the process of realigning the Strategy and Vision for AI in Malta 2030 which was prompted by several factors.

MDIA - Pre Consultation AI Strategy Meeting - Dec 2023

Ongoing Implementation

80% of the objectives outlined in the 2019 Strategy have been established, partially or fully executed.

Technological Innovation

New areas have gained relevance, while others have become obsolete since the strategy’s inception, necessitating a reassessment.

Regulatory Developments

Malta is adapting its regulations to align with international frameworks in the field of AI.

Societal Changes

The emergence of new challenges and opportunities has prompted a need to adjust the strategy to address evolving societal dynamics.

The target for realigning the AI Strategy and Vision is estimated to be 2024

The Realignment Process

The process is very stakeholder and consultation intensive, with individual stakeholder meetings being held with individuals representing entities and reaching out to stakeholders for feedback.

Kindly read the pre-consultation presentation and supporting document for further information.

The Stakeholders

  • Private sector users of AI;
  • Private sector developers of AI;
  • Private sector service providers;
  • Public administration;
  • Academia;
  • Representative bodies;
  • Ministries;
  • Political Parties and organisations;
  • Voluntary organisations.

Open To Feedback

The Authority recognises the importance of greater collaboration among all stakeholders in the public and private sectors for improved communication, streamlining of service delivery, and adequate resource allocation.

The Authority is striving to increase the number of consultations with all key stakeholders, to boost networking through regular workshops and join forces to work towards a single shared vision.

Feedback can be submitted by email to:

We believe that your feedback can help us achieve our goals.

Pre-Consultation Documents