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The Strategy, Policy and Governance Office of the MDIA is actively engaged in policy dialogue, negotiations and follow-up of proposals and dossiers which are received from the European Union (EU) Commission.

The Authority remains committed to contribute on the subjects in the relevant working groups at EU level, monitors the transpositions of EU legislative dossiers and ensures that they are being handled within the stipulated timeframes.

The MDIA represents Malta internationally

The MDIA also represents Malta in various International Fora such as, the Council of Europe and follow-up closely and contributes as Technical Experts in the Committee of the Artificial Intelligence established by the Council of Europe with respect to the drafting of the Convention on Artificial Intelligence, Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of Law.

Commission Proposals and Regulations – MDIA Lead Authority

Regulatory framework proposal on artificial intelligence

Council of Europe Committees – MDIA Experts

Committee on Artificial Intelligence