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The MDIA was established back in 2018 through the Malta Digital Innovation Authority Act, together with the Innovative Technology Arrangements and Services Act, that states what are the powers granted to the Authority.

The Authority serves a dual role. On the one hand, it is a regulator specifically focused on innovative technology and forms part of the entities strategically established in the Maltese ecosystem. On the other, it is also a promoter of innovative technologies. This is done through various incentives that are announced from time to time.

The below video encapsulates what the MDIA does in a few seconds.

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The MDIA’s mission is to lead as the national focal point which directs and facilitates the secure and optimal uptake of digital innovation.


The MDIA’s vision is to be the forward-looking Authority that fosters trust in innovative technologies

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of the Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) is to provide services that satisfy the responsibilities falling under its remit by virtue of relevant legislation. This is carried out by establishing, implementing and maintaining updated processes that are efficient and effective, whilst ensuring service conformity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

The MDIA shall endeavour to satisfy the applicable requirements of its interested parties and the ever-increasing expectations of society through a process of continual improvement in the services and support it provides and its quality management system.

MDIA’s Quality Objectives

The MDIA establishes quality objectives that are consistent with its mission, vision and strategic direction, and appropriate to its context to achieve the desired results, whilst ensuring service conformity and enhanced customer satisfaction.

To this effect, the MDIA adopts the following quality objectives:

  • To serve as the national advisory and enablement body for innovative technologies.
  • To align the Authority’s internal operations and align them with its external activities, therefore continually improve the quality management system.
  • To expand the MDIA’s research capacity in innovative technologies to reflect societal needs.
  • To be the leading policymaker for innovative technologies on both a national and international basis.
  • To support governmental initiatives concerning regulatory compliance using innovative technology.
  • To build national trust by fostering a culture of good governance.
  • To manage the Authority’s finances in an accountable and transparent manner.
  • To identify risks associated with innovative technologies and mitigate their impact on the Authority and the wider industry.
  • To increase awareness and visibility of the Authority’s remit within the technology sector.
  • To collaborate with relevant national stakeholders and international counterparts.

Strategic Plan

Learn about the MDIA's strategic plan to transform, inspire, and enable digital innovation.

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority is both the regulator and promotor of innovative technologies in Malta, being Distributed Ledger Technologies, Artificial Intelligence and Critical Systems, among others.

It certifies technology.

The certification programme is designed to ensure trust in the technology by ascertaining that it is doing what it is meant to do.

The Technology Assurance Sandbox offers applicants a gradual approach during a residency programme for those interested in building systems based on innovative technologies, such as AI, in line with recognised international standards and the proposed EU AI framework.

The MDIA also oversees the implementation of digital strategies, such as the National AI Strategy through more than 70 action plans. The strategy aims at making Malta the ultimate AI launchpad.

Amongst the salient highlights of the strategy are the pilot projects which are aimed ta having a profound and positive impact on society, while raising the visibility of the tangible benefits that AI can deliver.

The MDIA also incentivises students n furthering their studies at Master’s or Doctorate levels through the Pathfinder Digital Scholarship Fund.

Students choosing courses either locally or abroad and that have a connection with innovative technology can benefit from this scheme.

The Authority participates in initiatives that promote the use of technology, the improvement of the digital literacy and digital skills democracy is at the core of the MDIA, and hence, it does its part in bridging the digital divide so that everyone can reap the benefits of technology.

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority – building trust in technologies.