Mind the Gap

Empowering e-Commerce businesses in Malta to understand and improve their levels of cybersecurity maturity.

Cybersecurity awareness is growing amongst businesses that operate e-commerce services online, as it provides a competitive advantage to companies through improved reputation and protection of consumer data.  Due to this increasing appreciation for security, online end-users have grown to have a certain level of expectations in relation to the cybersecurity features of the portals that they use and transact through.

Mind the Gap is an initiative by the MDIA, Tech.mt, and the MCA designed to empower e-Commerce businesses in Malta to understand and improve their levels of cybersecurity maturity. It is composed of two schemes: The Cybersecurity Self-Assessment, and the Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme. It complements other initiatives at national level by the National Cybersecurity Co-ordination centre.

The MCA, as the national authority responsible for the e-Commerce sector in Malta, is assisting in the promotion of the initiative.

The Cybersecurity Self-Assessment and the Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme may be accessed via the Mind the Gap Portal.

Flowchart of Mind the Gap Schemes by MDIA

Cybersecurity Self-Assessment

The Cybersecurity Self-Assessment, led by the MDIA, is a self-assessment tool provided at no cost that is used to identify and analyse strengths and weaknesses of the cybersecurity maturity of an e-Commerce operation. The Cybersecurity Self-Assessment Scheme provides applicants with the option to obtain an acknowledgment receipt by a National Authority, which may be shared publicly to highlight the emphasis given to cybersecurity.

Terms & Conditions


Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme

The Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme, led by Tech.mt, is a fund set up to provide financial assistance to e-Commerce businesses that have carried out the Cybersecurity Self-Assessment to improve their levels of Cybersecurity maturity.

More information on the Cybersecurity Improvement Scheme may be found in the respective Guidelines and Terms and Conditions.

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