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MDIA in collaboration with the Faculty of ICT, University of Malta, are providing the following programme for Maltese teenagers: xPloring Intelligence – A Bootcamp on Us and Tech.

This program will be aimed at preteens attending scholastic year 7 to year 9 during the scholastic year 2023-2024.

This boot camp focuses on assisting young minds in providing creative abilities in artificial intelligence and digital innovation, which are essential for all career pathways in all sectors.

A Bootcamp on Us and Tech by MDIA
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11th September 2023 – 15th September 2023 (Full week)

8:30am till 13:00pm (including two 30 minutes breaks)

Age group
Year 7 till Year 9 of the Scholastic Year 2023-2024 (11- to 13-year-olds)

€25 per application

Overview of Content Delivery

The theme of the summer camp is “Exploring Intelligence – A Bootcamp on Us and Tech” where the main idea is to ask a series of questions which guide the contents of the course:

  • “What is technology?”
  • “What is ‘human’ and ‘natural’ versus ‘artificial’?”
  • “How do we use technology to help us reach our goals?”
  • “Are there limits to technology?”
  • “What can go wrong?”

The camp is based on five half days, with each day consisting of two sessions: one theoretical and one practical. Each day will build on the previous one, leading the children to reflect more deeply on technology while at the same time building more complex mobile apps.

Throughout the week, students will learn more about:

  • Ethics of Deepfake Media;
  • Machine Learning;
  • Ethics of Machines;
  • Security;
  • Building their own Mobile Application;
  • Metaverse.