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The overall objectives of the Innovative Technology in Local Communities scheme are to increase the efficiency of traditional networks and services through the use of digital technologies.

The Scheme Aims To:

  • Improve the liveability and sustainability of cities, suburbs and towns through the application of smart technology solutions to economic, social and environmental challenges;
  • Increase openly available public and private data sets to support citizen engagement, unlock innovation, and create new business opportunities;
  • Increase innovation and capability in local governments through collaboration and smart locality innovation ecosystem development;
  • Contribute to the development of smart locality standards impacting the roll-out and use of smart technology.

This scheme covers 85% of the total cost of the three projects selected.

This grant goes in line with several targets including:

  • The EU target for European Cities to substantially contribute to the Green Deal target for reducing emissions by 55% by 2030.
  • Measure 58 from the 2022 Election Manifesto, whereby the Government will prioritize projects that apply innovative technology-based solutions to urban challenges.
During the submission period, a total of 14 ideas were proposed by the Local / Regional Councils and 3 of them were awarded.

Supported by the Innovative Technology in Local Communities Scheme

This scheme will cover 85% of the total eligible expenditure of the three selected projects (including VAT).

Project: Smart Waste Depots (Swieqi)
Scheme Innovative Technology in Local Communities
Project Title Smart Waste Depots
Local Council Swieqi
Budget Allocated €40,120

Project Summary

The piloting of Smart Waste Depots at a site in Malta is intended to install in the commercial sector, the need to separate their waste at source and to serve as an alternative or add-on to curbside waste collection by providing appropriate smart infrastructure. The Smart Depots will be accessible 24/7 for commercial and residential users and will be used for the separate collection of organic (white bag) and residual waste (black bag).
Project: Smart City Solution – CCTV, Urban Air Quality, Traffic Monitoring (Luqa)
Scheme Innovative Technology in Local Communities
Project Title Smart City Solution – CCTV, Urban Air Quality, Traffic Monitoring.
Local Council Luqa
Budget Allocated €80,240

Project Summary

The scope of the proposed project is to create a small-scale Smart City Project using various types of innovative technologies to target the safety of residents by:
  • Implementing AI Cameras;
  • Traffic monitoring;
  • Urban air monitoring;
  • Noise level monitoring.
Through the implementation of an array of IOT sensors and AI-Powered cameras in designated areas, they aim to vehicle count, monitor speed limits and collect other valuable data related to traffic management. They will also be able to monitor the quality of air, noise levels and other microclimate data within the village which will support decision-making and take action in providing a cleaner environment.
Project: Smart Road Access Management (Isla)
Scheme Innovative Technology in Local Communities
Project Title Smart Road Access Management
Local Council Isla
Budget Allocated €48,144

Project Summary

The proposed project is intended to provide automatic access to Triq Xatt Juan B. Azzopardi during designated days and times set by the Local Council, to allow Senglea residents access to the mentioned street. Furthermore, this is achieved using the ANPR solution’s innovative technology. Once the registered vehicle approaches the camera:
  • The number plate is read;
  • Verified that it belongs to a resident;
  • Activated to give access to the vehicle.

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