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Enhancing cyber resilience in digital commerce through improved levels of cybersecurity maturity.

MAARG - AI Applied Research Grant

The overall objective of this Grant is to support capacity-building efforts related to AI research in Malta.

Malta's AI Strategy

‘Strategy and Vision for Artificial Intelligence in Malta 2030’ is the National AI Strategy to focus investment, resources and attention to maximise the benefits for Malta.

Application Forms

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) is issuing the application forms for Service Providers and Innovative Technology Arrangements Applicants to apply for registration and certification respectively.

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Issued Guidelines

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) is issuing a set of guidance notes aimed at assisting Service Providers and Innovative Technology Arrangements Applicants when approaching the MDIA for registration and certification respectively.

The guidelines reflect clarifications and rationalise some processes which arose from the public consultation as well as in the formulation of the said guidelines. These are expected to be reflected and implemented as required in the ITAS Act.

Systems Auditor Guidelines

ITA Guidelines

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Chief Officer Gavril Flores has been chosen by the Government of the United Arab Emirates to participate in its first ever Global Government Leadership Programme. He was recognized as a leader in the respective field, possessing the ability to navigate contemporary challenges, embrace emerging ...technologies, and cultivate a culture of continuous learning.

During the Global Government Summit, as part of an international collaborative endeavour, he delivered a presentation on how countries can revolutionize food security by harnessing Artificial Intelligence for the benefit of society and stakeholders.

Malta Council for Science and Technology | برنامج التبادل المعرفي الحكومي | Mohammed Bin Rashid Center for Leadership Development | DiHubmt

Malta has emerged as a leader in promoting trust and ethical advancement within the rapidly evolving digital industry.

It notably became the first European jurisdiction to introduce a specialised technology sandbox for AI systems at a national scale. This move marked Malta the pioneering... nation in establishing a controlled environment where novel ideas could safely and responsibly thrive.

✍🏻 Alan Grima
📚 Ekonomija

We had the privilege of hosting Arturs Vasilevskis, the CEO, and Toms Hansons, the Product Manager of Tilde.

This meeting was made possible thanks to the facilitation of Norma M Saliba, the CEO of Ċentru tal-Ilsien Malti, following a discussion that focused on digital tools for small ...state languages.

During their visit, Mr. Vasiļevskis and Mr. Hansons shared their insights and experiences in developing language technology platforms for their own state Latvia. 🇱🇻

Potential collaborations were discussed, in particular with respect to the enhancement of the technological platform for the Maltese language Traduzzjoni. 🤝

Both gentleman formed part of Latvia's President Edgars Rinkēvičs's delegation that visited Malta. 🇲🇹