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Mind the Gap

Enhancing cyber resilience in digital commerce through improved levels of cybersecurity maturity.

MARG - Applied Research Grant

The overall objective of this Grant is to support innovative technology arrangements within the public and private sector, in order to increase efficiency, transparency and citizen engagement in Malta.

Malta's AI Strategy

‘Strategy and Vision for Artificial Intelligence in Malta 2030’ is the National AI Strategy to focus investment, resources and attention to maximise the benefits for Malta.

Technology Assessment Recognition Framework

TARF is a tiered framework designed to provide varying degrees of recognition to a wide range of technologies, from emerging to traditional, aligning with international standards and industry best practices.

Students’ Internship Scheme

The MDIA offers great opportunities to students in various disciplines, including accountancy, legal, finance, compliance, internal audit, tax, information technology and management.

Application Forms

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) is issuing the application forms for Service Providers and Innovative Technology Arrangements Applicants to apply for registration and certification respectively.

View all MDIA Application Forms

Issued Guidelines

The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) is issuing a set of guidance notes aimed at assisting Service Providers and Innovative Technology Arrangements Applicants when approaching the MDIA for registration and certification respectively.

The guidelines reflect clarifications and rationalise some processes which arose from the public consultation as well as in the formulation of the said guidelines. These are expected to be reflected and implemented as required in the ITAS Act.

Systems Auditor Guidelines

ITA Guidelines

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Clinton joined MDIA in 2019 and holds the position of Head of Finance & Corporate 💼

"Delighted to be part of MDIA from the start, watching its growth and evolving role is rewarding. Grateful for learning and excited for MDIA's ...future."

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💡 Step into the world of Innovation! The Malta Digital Innovation Authority (MDIA) proudly presents the Applied Research Grant (MARG) scheme.

🚀 Designed to foster research, MARG offers an opportunity to explore innovative ideas and drive progress in Malta's digital sphere. ...Research institutions are eligible to apply for up to €40,000. 🌟 Don't miss your chance!

Dive into the details of the MARG scheme at:

From virtual assistants to autonomous vehicles, AI is revolutionising industries worldwide. 🚀

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